[OpenAFS] Win2K command line drive mapping?

Dj Merrill deej@thayer.dartmouth.edu
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 17:27:21 -0400

    First, let me say a big THANK YOU for everyone
that has helped with OpenAFS.  We have a small
size AFS network here consisting of SGI and Linux machines,
and have been trying for awhile to figure out how to integrate
our NT and 2000 machines with the existing AFS infrastructure.

    I'm so close I can taste it!  :-)
By using Samba as an authentication (PDC) and print server,
and the NT/2000 OpenAFS client to access the
filesystem, I think we can do it.

    I've been playing with the (very) recently released
1.04a Win NT/2000 binary install, and have successfully
been able to obtain a token, and access the AFS filespace
using the Drive Letters tab in the toolbar client.
This works from both NT and 2000.

    However, I am having a slight issue getting the
Global Drive Mappings to work under 2000.
(available under the Advanced tab of the AFS Client
Configuration).  It seems to work fine under NT.
Under 2000, the drive letters appear under "My Computer",
but have a red X on them, and reveal the message
"T:\ is not accessible.  The network path was not found."
when you try to open them.

    Getting this to work would be one option for us.
The other, which is preferable, is to use a
command line utility that can map a Windows
drive letter to AFS space, which can be placed
in a login batch script.  Is there such a command
line program that would allow us to map
say T: to /afs ?

    My apologies if this is in a doc somewhere, but I
have not been able to find any information
indicating such a beast exists.

Thank you,


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