[OpenAFS] Win2K command line drive mapping?

seph seph@commerceflow.com
28 Jun 2001 13:01:25 -0700

>     Getting this to work would be one option for us.
> The other, which is preferable, is to use a
> command line utility that can map a Windows
> drive letter to AFS space, which can be placed
> in a login batch script.  Is there such a command
> line program that would allow us to map
> say T: to /afs ?

I was also seeing the same problems with the global drives.
I'm now using the command line:
net use z: \\%COMPUTERNAME%-afs\all\office.commerceflow.com\user\%USERNAME%
though you probably want:
net use z: \\%COMPUTERNAME%-afs\all
(varible names are case-insensitive)

many thanks to Jim Peterson at IBM who helped me figure out the damn
command too :)