[OpenAFS] openafs on alpha linux

Michael Stroucken stroucki@master.debian.org
Sun, 11 Mar 2001 04:18:07 -0600 (CST)


	Diffs to openafs-1.0.2 to support Alpha-Linux are at

	It has been tested on a system running glibc-2.2, with gcc version
2.95.3 of 20010125 and kernel version 2.2.16 on one processor.

	Current status is:-
- afsd, libafs-2.2.16, bosserver, kasserver, ptserver, vlserver,
volserver, fs, vos, klog, tokens work
- Threaded fileserver is likely to segfault, the non-threaded one in
obj/viced/fileserver works reliably right now
- DES does not work yet at all: all tokens are passed in the clear
- I propose the sysname to be alpha_linux22 with an id of 2001, and for
future use alpha_linux24 with an id of 2002. The 2000 block should be for
Alpha Linux
- I have not tested (and have an aversion to) the AFS standard buserver
and associated stuff
- I also have not tested the pam libraries yet.
- It has also not been tested with any 2.4 kernel.

Let me know if you think it is useful or if you have any suggestions.


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