[OpenAFS] compatability?

ckovacs ckovacs@DEPAUW.EDU
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 08:23:31 -0500

I have openafs 1.0.2 running on a server machine with kernel 2.2.18. So
far no problems
on that machine. However when I access the cell from a 2.4.2 machine
running 1.0.3 I
get strange erros when doing things like deleting directories that
contain files.ckovacs@dragon:~$

for instance, if I do the following in a directory after logging in,
this is what happens.

mkdir test
cd test
touch test
cd ..
rm -rf test
rm: cannot change to directory `test/test': Not a directory
rm: cannot remove directory `test': Not a directory

if I do the same thing on the server machine (whicf of course is running
1.0.2 server and
client on kernel 2.2.18) this works just fine.

Also what is kdump and what's the "correct" way to get kdump not to
compile under the
2.4 series of kernels?


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