[OpenAFS] Trying to set up a test cell

Charrick, Gordon gordon.charrick@tfn.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 11:35:24 -0500

I used to be an AFS server administrator a few years ago in a previous
life/job so I have a lot of somewhat rusty experience!

I'm trying to set up a test cell to demonstrate at work using a Redhat 6.2
machine as a server. I've been going through the "Quick Beginnings" document
from Transarc's site to do this. I'm setting this machine up as a server

I have the kernel module loaded and set the cell name and server info in
ThisCell and CellServDB and started bos in noauth mode. I've also set up the
database server processes (bu, vl, pt, and ka). It's the next step, where
you set up the afs and admin users that I'm getting tripped up. When I try
to create user afs I get the following:

[root@loonie local]# kas -cell test.cda.com -noauth
ka> create afs
Verifying, please re-enter initial_password: 
Creating user afs  : [____] server or network not responding

What isn't responding? At this point only bosserver is running.