[OpenAFS] OpenAFS afs.rc file hangs RedHat Linux boot

Michael Durket durket@100acrewood.stanford.edu
Mon, 26 Mar 2001 15:16:11 -0800

I apologize if this has been seen before but I've searched
past postings and haven't seen this reported.

When starting up AFS services using the afs.rc file supplied
with the distribution, a RedHat 7.0 system will hang during
the boot process and never complete.

When the script is executed, you see the message "Starting AFS
services...." followed by an interrupting kernel log message from
the AFS kernel module that says:

Starting AFS cache scan...found 12 non-empty cache files (0%)

At this point, the boot hangs forever.

I believe this must be some kind of RedHat initlog problem, not
an AFS problem, but I'm asking here for help because I suspect
someone must have seen this and fixed it. I did notice that if I
changed the options to afsd to add -verbose so that it logs tons
of info to initlog, then it will complete with 5 minutes of the
cache scan message.

Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated,

Mike Durket