[OpenAFS] OpenAFS afs.rc file hangs RedHat Linux boot

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
26 Mar 2001 18:42:17 -0500

What kind of filesystem are you using for your cache partition?
Is this delay the _first_ time you run the client, or every time?


Michael Durket <durket@100acrewood.stanford.edu> writes:

> I apologize if this has been seen before but I've searched
> past postings and haven't seen this reported.
> When starting up AFS services using the afs.rc file supplied
> with the distribution, a RedHat 7.0 system will hang during
> the boot process and never complete.
> When the script is executed, you see the message "Starting AFS
> services...." followed by an interrupting kernel log message from
> the AFS kernel module that says:
> Starting AFS cache scan...found 12 non-empty cache files (0%)
> At this point, the boot hangs forever.
> I believe this must be some kind of RedHat initlog problem, not
> an AFS problem, but I'm asking here for help because I suspect
> someone must have seen this and fixed it. I did notice that if I
> changed the options to afsd to add -verbose so that it logs tons
> of info to initlog, then it will complete with 5 minutes of the
> cache scan message.
> Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated,
> Mike Durket
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