[OpenAFS] Lost files

Sam Hartman hartmans@mekinok.com
17 Sep 2001 13:28:48 -0400

>>>>> "P=E4r" =3D=3D P=E4r Aronsson <par.aronsson@nohup.se> writes:

    P=E4r> What happens is that all of the files are suddenly missing
    P=E4r> when I log in. When I do a "fs lq ." in my home directory it
    P=E4r> reports what seams to be a correct amount of data, but "ls
    P=E4r> -las" show me nothing. I have done salvage without result. I
    P=E4r> have tried accessing the volume using my own kerberos ticket,
    P=E4r> admin ticket and no ticket.

Can I get you to look at FileLog and after salvaging SalvageLog for
errors.  In particular do you see anything about orphaned files in the
SalvageLog or errors that happen for your volumes but not others in
the FileLog?