[OpenAFS] Please help me again for my installation of afs!

Paul Blackburn mpb@est.ibm.com
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 09:12:54 +0000

Hello Dong,

You might find it useful to browse a logfile created
during the install of first AFS servers in a cell I worked on:


This shows all the steps needed to configure the first AFS server.
The logfile was written by a script, mk_afs_srv, which I use
on AIX to build new AFS cells.


I hope this helps,
paul http://acm.org/~mpb

Dong Fangpeng wrote:

> Hello,
> I met some problems during my installing of my first AFS machine in
> Linux.
> 1. When I input "./bosserver -noauth &" ,the following prompt displayed:
> "/usr/afs/bin/buserver:problems with host Ubik init failed".
> I ignored this message and continued my installation by inputting
> "./bos setcellname dong dfp.linux.ict.ac.cn -noauth" and "./bos
> listhost dong -noauth", the following displayed:
> Cell name is dfp.linux.ict.ac.cn
> Host 1 is dong
> Then I started database processes using "./bos create..."
> commands(just as what the Quick Beginning said). */But when I input
> "ps -A", I could not find any database processe/*, and when I created
> and started the buserver process,the message
> "/usr/afs/bin/buserver:problems with host Ubik init failed"
> appeared again. I ignored it again, and input "./kas -cell
> dfp.linux.ict.ac.cn -noauth", then the following returned
> "kas:interactive: cell name not found Can't expand cell name"
> Why? I also met the situation "Creating user afs :[____] server or
> network not responding" before, does this mean the Authentication
> Server did run ?
> 2. Because of the problem above, I uninstalled AFS using " rpm -e ..."
> ,reboot the system, and installed again. But this time, when I input
> "./bos create dong kasever .....", it said:
> " bos:failed to create new server instance kasever of type 'simple'
> (entity already exists)"
> as well as creating buserver and vlserver.
> How can I get rid of the information of previous installation ?
> Ps : 1. My linux kernel is 2.4.7-10,which is supported by openafs1.2.3.
> 2. The domain name "dfp.linux.ict.ac.cn" is accessible only for
> computers within our gateway. Dose AFS requires a server be accessed
> from globle internet?
> Thanks for your answer and good wishes!
> Fangpeng Dong
> ICT of CAS
> phone: 86-010-62565533-9313/9310