[OpenAFS] WinNT AFS client (was: large data transfer problem)

Lubos Kejzlar kejzlar@civ.zcu.cz
Mon, 18 Mar 2002 10:15:49 +0100 (CET)

Hi all,
	(probably no one on this list has running/interest in WinNT client,
but trying anyway ... :-)

a couple of comments to previously posted message(s) about our significant
problems with large data (and large number of files) transfers running on
WinNT with AFS client (for details please see list archive).

We discovered (and captured) another (probably related)  interesting

After copying some amount of data (typically ~480MB in our test), whole

As far as I can see (from captured traffic), the "normal (as we could
expect)" data flow (fetch-status/fetch-data) seems to be replaced with
"fetch-status-ONLY" transfer at some point and never returns back to
"normal" :-(

Some notes:
- captured data are available at
- described problems are related ONLY to WinNT (and Win9x) (never had such
  problems with W2k)
- different cache manager settings (# status cache entries) probably
  doesn't have significant impact

ANY help or suggestion could be really helpful for us!

Best regards,

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