[OpenAFS] Non-Transarc path OpenAFS (S)RPMs available...

John R. Hover jhover@cs.auckland.ac.nz
Fri, 03 May 2002 02:59:55 +1200

For anyone who is interested, I have redone the spec file for the 
OpenAFS rpms so that they now use non-transarc paths. A set of 
non-transarc path Redhat 7.2 RPMs can be downloaded via anonymous ftp at

We have a 3 db and 5 fileserver OpenAFS environment here (using MIT 
krb5) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.  We have  >1.2 Tb of 
storage in AFS with both Windows and GNU/Linux clients (500 Windows, 150 
Linux). All servers are Dell rackmounts running RedHat 7.2, with AFS 
installed from these non-transarc path RPMs. So far so good.

- Converted all paths to non-Transarc paths. Build uses prefix=/ so that
all AFS networking stuff is available at boot, and one could mount /usr
from AFS if desired. I'm pretty sure it's all LSB-compliant now.

- I made using afsmodname mandatory in the rc script for choosing a 
module. I ran into too many problems with bad guesses by other methods. 
I won't pretend to understand this too well, but it's been working for us.

- Added autoconf to the BuildRequires section of krb5-support, since it
won't build without it.

- Not using any patches on linux-rc.

- Added an AFS_EXTRA_OPTIONS variable to /etc/sysconfig/afs and
/etc/init.d/afs to handle -dynroot (not used by default).

Obviously, if anyone doesn't like any of these things, just pull them 
out and rebuild from the source RPM. Please e-mail if you find any 
errors. Once these have been reviewed by a broader audience, perhaps the 
binaries available at openafs.org should be non-transarc, since that's 
now the default in a build from source.



John R. Hover
Unix/Linux System Administrator
Department of Computer Science
University of Auckland