[OpenAFS] unable to modify root.afs

Andrew Hutcheson andrew_hutcheson@mac.com
Thu, 2 May 2002 14:23:43 -0500

I'm setting up a single machine as an AFS server and client for a 
project I'm working on.  The machine is running unmodified Debian 2.2r5 
and I've compiled version 1.2.3 of the openafs source.  I've set up the 
server as specified in the "UNIX Quick Start Guide" and all of the 
diagnostics indicate that the server is running correctly.  When I run 
afsd the root.afs cell is mounted at /afs/, and , after doing a "klog 
admin" I can modify the access control list for /afs.  But even when I 
give system:anyuser complete permissions (which succeeds according to 
"fs la") I can't create any files within /afs/.  If I try to create a 
regular file I get a message "No such file or directory" and if I try to 
create a directory I get "File exists".  Can anybody tell me what might 
be causing this?

Thanks, Andy