[OpenAFS] ADSM(TSM) Backup

Tino Schwarze tino.schwarze@informatik.tu-chemnitz.de
Mon, 6 May 2002 19:56:08 +0200

On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 06:59:59PM +0200, markus hetzenecker wrote:

> We are preparing to use afs at the university innsbruck(austria) for
> some thousends users and hundred Linux clients.  The test phase starts
> with the issue of RedHat 7.3 Linux i686 and OpenAFS 1.2.4, one server
> equipped with RAID 5+1 (netto 280 GB).  But before entering the test
> state I have some questions: 

> 1. Has /vicepx to be a real partition or suffices to be a directory
> on the root partition (or anywhere)?

A directory should suffice.

> 2. Creating one additional large volume with rw access for everyone,
> can i restrict the user quota in this volume?

Do not do that. Create one volume per user, one per project etc. Volumes
are cheap. A volume is a quota (and a number and a name), not very much

> 3. The crucial point:I have to use ADSM(TSM) for backup. How can this
> be done? XBSA? (we have no AIX client)

> (BTW: for linux only it would be very nicer if "afs" manages only the
> volumes, and passes all queries (kernel acl, quotas on server, ..) to
> the right server. the content of volumes stored like a local tree.)

What purpose are you rolling AFS out for? You should do it the AFS way
or not use AFS. AFS manages all data. And you get a lot of benefits
(like migration volumes between servers without anyone noticing, RO
replicas, seamless plug-in of new servers, seamless removal of servers,
strong authentication, neat backup, just to name some)

Bye, Tino.

PS: Have a look at http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/urz/afs/

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