[OpenAFS] ADSM(TSM) Backup

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
06 May 2002 15:00:00 -0400

markus hetzenecker <markus.hetzenecker@uibk.ac.at> writes:

> hello world


> We are preparing to use afs at the university innsbruck(austria) for some thousends users and hundred Linux clients.
> The test phase starts with the issue of RedHat 7.3 Linux i686 and OpenAFS 1.2.4, one server equipped with RAID 5+1 (netto 280 GB).
> But before entering the test state I have some questions:
> 1. Has /vicepx to be a real partition or suffices to be a directory on the root partition (or anywhere)?

As has already been mentioned, /vicepX can be a regular directory.
You just need to touch /vicepX/AlwaysAttach to make sure it is
"mounted" into AFS.

> 2. Creating one additional large volume with rw access for everyone, can i restrict the user quota in this volume?

No.  Quota is restricted on a per-volume basis.  If you want to
restrict quota per-user, you need a volume per user.  If you have
one large shared volume, there is no way to restrict quota usage
on a per-user basis.

> 3. The crucial point:I have to use ADSM(TSM) for backup. How can this be done? XBSA? (we have no AIX client)

I don't know.

> (BTW: for linux only it would be very nicer if "afs" manages only the volumes, and passes all queries (kernel acl, quotas on server, ..) to the right server. the content of volumes stored like a local tree.)

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this.  When you configure AFS
volumes, the quota IS managed by the server.  The acls ARE enforced
by the servers (with some help from the clients).  Have you read
the AFS architecture documents to understand how AFS works and what
services it provides to you?

> thanxs for your comments.

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