[OpenAFS] ADSM(TSM) Backup

Matthew Andrews MNAndrews@lbl.gov
Mon, 06 May 2002 17:13:23 -0700

> 3. The crucial point:I have to use ADSM(TSM) for backup. How can this be done? XBSA? (we have no AIX client)
I'm not particularly familiar with ADSM, but we use HPSS(another HSM
from IBM) at our site. the way we have configured afs backups is to
configure several "fake" tapedrives, which dump to a file rather than a
tape, and then use the mount and unmount script hooks in the afs backup
system to move the files into our HSM with ftp.

here is what our /usr/afs/backup/tapeconfig entries look like:
500M    0       /tmp/filebackup0 0

and here is the corresponding config file for that tape

MOUNT           /usr/afs/backup/mount
UNMOUNT         /usr/afs/backup/unmount
AUTOQUERY       yes
ASK             no
NAME_CHECK      no
FILE            yes
BUFFERSIZE      256k

/usr/afs/backup/mount is then a script that will either create a new
empty file(for backups) or retrieve a backup file from the HSM(for

/usr/afs/backup/unmount is a script which takes the just created backup
file, and stores it in the HSM(for backups).

for more details on how all of this works, and what arguments the mount
and unmount scripts must take, refer to both the afs administration, and
reference guides.
-Matthew Andrews