[OpenAFS] OpenAFS and Mosix

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
18 May 2002 13:11:10 -0400

This is the first "patch" that I've ever heard of that adds its own
surdirectory under "include" in the linux sources.  I have no idea
what Mosix is -- I've never heard of it before -- but you can probably
work around the problem in your own source tree by adding 'mos' to the
list of symlinked subdirs in src/libafs/MakefileProto.LINUX.in.

Unfortunately I don't think any such change will go into the mainline
unless it's included with a configure test to see if that directory

Unfortunately you can't just symlink all the directories because:

        1) Some of the symlinks change the name of the link, and
        2) You don't want to leave remnants of links when you build for a
                different kernel version.


"Wim.Glassee" <glassee@uia.ua.ac.be> writes:

> Hi all,
> I'm in the process of setting up a Mosix/AFS combination (in the hope it
> works of course). I first patched 2.4.16 with OpenMosix and compiled. Then
> I built the openafs rpms from the source rpms. BUT: Apparently this
> process creates a 'stub' linux header directory with links to the
> subdirectories it thinks it will need. asm, ... The mosix patch adds an
> extra directory 'mos' in the headers, which consequently will not be found
> during the openafs compilation. I believe this is something that could
> happen with other patches as well, so perhaps the Makefile could link all
> subdirs?
> BTW Does anybody here have experience with the OpenAFS/OpenMosix
> combination?
> Thanks,
> wim
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