[OpenAFS] What about Windows NT 4 + LINUX + KRB5 ???

Bones Fx flx-openafs@ifrance.com
Tue, 21 May 2002 20:46:21 GMT

  Hello !=20

I've successfully set up a Redhat 7.2 box to act as a KRB 5 =
KDC with
OpenAFS (thanks to this list for all the informations about =
asetkey and
so on..... really helpful !)

My question is about Windows NT 4 Clients.

Is there a way to get those machines authenticated against a=
OpenAFS/KRB5 server (so without kaserver) ?=20

I think i need some tools to get krb5 tickets at first befor=
authenticate...  At the moment, I've got an error number 8 f=
rom the NT
client (no such user) but i'm afraid it's because the AFS tr=
ies to
contact the kaserver (am i right ???)=20

I didn't find any tools to allow that (remember i leave in F=
rance and
there maybe problems due to exports laws....)

Thank you in advance !!

M. LAMARE, student,=20
24 years old,=20
from FRANCE, LILLE (150 miles in north of Paris)

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