[OpenAFS] What about Windows NT 4 + LINUX + KRB5 ???

Derek Atkins warlord@MIT.EDU
21 May 2002 16:57:37 -0400

You need to obtain KfW (Kerberos for Windows) to obtain tickets,
and then you need to find an aklog.exe to get you AFS tokens.

The OpenAFS package for NT, as shipped, only deals with KAserver
and nothing else.  This is a Bug (IMHO) that ought to be fixed, but
I'm not a windows developer so I can't.


"Bones Fx" <flx-openafs@ifrance.com> writes:

>   Hello ! 
> I've successfully set up a Redhat 7.2 box to act as a KRB 5 KDC with
> OpenAFS (thanks to this list for all the informations about asetkey and
> so on..... really helpful !)
> My question is about Windows NT 4 Clients.
> Is there a way to get those machines authenticated against an
> OpenAFS/KRB5 server (so without kaserver) ? 
> I think i need some tools to get krb5 tickets at first before
> authenticate...  At the moment, I've got an error number 8 from the NT
> client (no such user) but i'm afraid it's because the AFS tries to
> contact the kaserver (am i right ???) 
> I didn't find any tools to allow that (remember i leave in France and
> there maybe problems due to exports laws....)
> Thank you in advance !!
> M. LAMARE, student, 
> 24 years old, 
> from FRANCE, LILLE (150 miles in north of Paris)
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