[OpenAFS] ssh+afs logins fail on IRIX 6.5.15

Dave McMurtrie dgm+@pitt.edu
Thu, 30 May 2002 08:11:42 -0400 (EDT)

> What I am trying to figure out is:
> If kaserver uses udp 7004, how is it that when I successfully login, 
> sshd in debug mode reports that it is using the default port udp 750?

Because you've configured openssh to do kerberos v4 authentication, not
afs authentication.  That's also why you don't have access to your afs
homedir after you've successfully authenticated.  A kerberos ticket does
not give you afs access.  An afs token does.  You can configure openssh to
pass your afs token to the remote machine.  That should solve your
problem.  However, if your afs users can log in via console and everything 
afs works, I suspect that what you really want to do is make openssh just 
do the afs authentication instead of krb-v4.

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