[OpenAFS] ssh+afs logins fail on IRIX 6.5.15

David R. Steiner david.r.steiner@Dartmouth.EDU
Thu, 30 May 2002 09:28:07 -0400

At 8:11 -0400 5/30/02, Dave McMurtrie wrote:
>  > What I am trying to figure out is:
>>  If kaserver uses udp 7004, how is it that when I successfully login,
>>  sshd in debug mode reports that it is using the default port udp 750?
>Because you've configured openssh to do kerberos v4 authentication, not
>afs authentication.  That's also why you don't have access to your afs
>homedir after you've successfully authenticated.  A kerberos ticket does
>not give you afs access.  An afs token does.

Ok, I understand that a krb ticket != afs token.

>You can configure openssh to
>pass your afs token to the remote machine.  That should solve your
>problem.  However, if your afs users can log in via console and everything
>afs works, I suspect that what you really want to do is make openssh just
>do the afs authentication instead of krb-v4.

So, just how does one do this? AFSTokenPassing and KerberosTgtPassing 
are both set to "yes" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config. Is there something 
else that needs to be done?

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