[OpenAFS] Re: windows client and Office2003 issues

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@columbia.edu
Thu, 22 Jul 2004 19:54:26 -0400

What version of OpenAFS? 

There used to be a problem with large Office documents of about 50mb or so.
I do not know whether or not this problem may have been solved in the last
couple of days with the addition of CIFS Remote Administration Protocol to
the AFS SMB/CIFS server.   1.3.70 will ship with this support on Tuesday.

What do you think is wrong with openafs-info?

Jeffrey Altman

matt cocker wrote:

> Hi
> Is anyone else having issues with Office2003 (namely word) and AFS 
> based files?
> If we open a word document from afs drive root (i.e. g:\word.doc) word 
> crashes.
> Opening the same file from g:\folder\word.doc works?
> If we save a file to afs space with the default install of word, word 
> locks up often or at least is very slow. If we turn off background 
> saves and enable fastsaves in the word options word seems to work again.
> Is this a simpler problem to the VS.2003 projects not able to be 
> created in AFS? At the moment all the VS users use a temp directory on 
> the hard drive for VS work and copy their work back to AFS when finished.
> Cheers
> Matt
> PS openafs-info@openafs.org seems broken