[OpenAFS] Open problem - "no quorum elected" messages on Linux

M Singh msingh@myrealbox.com
Fri, 18 Jun 2004 15:01:57 -0400

I posted my problem in setting up an openafs server a few weeks ago. At that 
time, there did not seem to be a solution forthcoming. Just trying my luck 
again :)

The message below is a repost of a summary of the steps taken and the 


    I have posted a bunch of messages lately and Derrick Brashear has 
been extremely helpful. However, there is a problem that I am facing 
that seems to be hard to resolve.

Summary of current status ;

I am trying to set up an AFS server for an *isolated* network. The 
network has class C addresses ( I have followed  the steps 
for setting up the AFS server right up to the interactive kas mode.

My /usr/vice/etc/ThisCell :


  >HOMENETWORK.EDU   #Cell name    #sggs.homenetwork.edu

/etc/hosts :

# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail.       localhost.localdomain   localhost     sggs.homenetwork.edu       sggs

After afs service is started (it seems to do nothing more than load the 
module right now - I guess that is because nothing is set up) and 
bosserver -noauth :

3871 ?        00:00:00 bosserver
3872 ?        00:00:00 kaserver
3873 ?        00:00:00 buserver
3874 ?        00:00:00 ptserver
3875 ?        00:00:00 vlserver

[root@sggs bin]# udebug sggs.homenetwork.edu 7004
Host's addresses are:
Host's time is Wed May 26 23:10:03 2004
Local time is Wed May 26 23:10:04 2004 (time differential 1 secs)
Last yes vote not cast yet
Local db version is 1.1
I am sync site forever (0 server)
Recovery state 0
Sync site's db version is 0.0
0 locked pages, 0 of them for write
[root@sggs bin]# /usr/local/sbin/rxdebug sggs.homenetwork.edu 7004 -version
Trying (port 7004):
AFS version:  OpenAFS 1.2.11 built  2004-05-25
[root@sggs bin]# kas -cell HOMENETWORK.EDU -noauth
ka> create afs
Verifying, please re-enter initial_password:
Creating user afs  : [u] no quorum elected, wait one second
Creating user afs  : [u] no quorum elected, wait one second
... corresponds to the unused eth0 (wired network) interface.

I searched on Google and got :


The suggested "solution" :


does not work for me.

If you need some more information, I will be happy to provide it, but 
could someone suggest a way to get past this error ?