Practical no. of files per dir was: [OpenAFS] Max number of files in volume?

Ted Anderson
Mon, 21 Jun 2004 18:41:45 -0400

On 5/20/2004 14:09, wrote:

> I think the max is (also?) a function of file name length.  At
> least I have email indicating the old transarc "afsqa" doc reads...
>  Q.  How many files can you have per directory in AFS? 
>  A.  You can have 64,000 files in an AFS directory if the filenames are all
>  less than 16 characters long. If the filenames are between 16 and 32
>  characters than this number decreases. There are 64,000 slots per
>  directory. Each file < 16 Characters takes 1 slot. Each file > 16 and <
>  32 takes 2 slots, etc... 
> Has
> been lost forever??  (I coulnd't find it at ibm's web pages just
> now.)

The Way Back machine helps for *some* of the old Transarc URLs.  In this 
case, this one works:

Ted Anderson