[OpenAFS] Linkage between OpenAFS development and work on AFS in Debian Linux?

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Wed, 31 May 2006 19:03:47 -0700

Paul Johnson <pauljohn32@gmail.com> writes:

> I wanted to suspend a Linux system that has OpenAFS running and ran into
> trouble.  I have been googling and found a patch submitted and accepted
> in Debian Linux development that claims to fix suspend issues with
> recent Linux kernels

> http://www.mail-archive.com/dapper-changes@lists.ubuntu.com/msg11081.html

This comment just refers to the change that was in OpenAFS 1.4.1 that
fixed refrigerator support with newer kernels.  If you're already using
1.4.1 and still having trouble, you're encountering some other problem.

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