[OpenAFS] Need help Please

Franco Milicchio milicchio@dia.uniroma3.it
Thu, 1 Jun 2006 08:48:44 +0200

On May 31, 2006, at 09:15pm, <LAWRENCE.SORRILLO@HAMPTONU.EDU>  

> Thanks,
> I only have one machine to test this on.
> I have some familiarity with Linux and the client server model so its
> not that bad. I essentially cannot mount the user volumes. I would  
> like
> to understand why.
> These are some funny entries in the protection database. I am not sure
> that this should be as it is:
> -bash-2.05b$ pts listentries
> Name                          ID  Owner Creator
> anonymous                  32766   -204    -204
> admin                          1   -204   32766
> lsorrillo                    500   -204   32766
> sorrillo                     501   -204   32766
> -bash-2.05b$
> The -204 and 32766 entries are weird.

They are not weird, have you tried to use pts to examine all your  
entries? Take a look:

milicchio:~$ pts listentries
Name                          ID  Owner Creator
milicchio                  10003   -204       1

milicchio:~$ pts examine -204
Name: system:administrators, id: -204, owner: system:administrators,  
creator: system:administrators,
   membership: 2, flags: S-M--, group quota: unlimited.

milicchio:~$ pts examine milicchio
Name: milicchio, id: 10003, owner: system:administrators, creator: XXX
   membership: 7, flags: S----, group quota: 20.

I'd suggest as well to look first for a stand-alone client (even  
under VMWare or another emulator), and install AFS server and client  
from the documentation step by step.

Franco Milicchio <milicchio@dia.uniroma3.it>

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