[OpenAFS] volrestore problems

Brian Davidson bdavids1@gmu.edu
Tue, 14 Mar 2006 15:11:13 -0500

I've tested this a bunch in the past and never had issues, but now I've 
got a real restore request and naturally things aren't behaving:

Running OpenAFS 1.4.0 on Linux 2.4.26 #1 SMP Tue Oct 12 14:43:35 EDT 
2004 i686 unknown.

backup> volrestore afsfs1.ssg.gmu.edu vicepa -volume 
dept.asd.facultystaff -extension .restore -date 02/25/06 -port 0

butc produces:

Tape mount callout routine is /usr/local/var/openafs/backup/file.sh
Tape unmount callout routine is /usr/local/var/openafs/backup/fileu.sh
Will dump to a file
Operator queries are disabled
Dump tape name check is disabled
Starting Tape Coordinator: Port offset 0   Debug level 0
Token expires: NEVER

Thanks, now proceeding with tape reading operation.
Restoring volume dept.asd.facultystaff.restore Id 3266573891 on server partition /vicepa ..
Failed to start transaction on 3266573891
    Volume not attached, does not exist, or not on line
Volume not attached, does not exist, or not on line
Can't read EOF on tape
      butm: unexpected tape datablock
Can't restore volume dept.asd.facultystaff.restore
      vols: Volume not attached, does not exist, or not on line
Restore: Skipping volume dept.asd.facultystaff.backup (1443504203)
Restore: Finished

I've checked, and /dev/FILE is a symlink pointing to the correct file, 
and running scantape shows that the volume is in the backup file:

-- volume --
volume name: dept.asd.facultystaff.backup
volume ID 1443504203
dumpSetName: Dept.Full
dumpID 1140846228
level 0
parentID 0
endTime 0
clonedate Sat Feb 25 00:23:02 2006

scantape did't produce any errors.

Any help/hints/etc would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks,