[OpenAFS] File too large

Josh_Pullen@Dell.com Josh_Pullen@Dell.com
Tue, 14 Mar 2006 14:14:15 -0600

Thanks Steve.
Does this mean that this feature is considered experimental at this
point?  Do any binary builds support it by default?




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	I've got OpenAFS release 1.4.0 installed on CentOS Linux (2.6.9
kernel)  I cannot write a file larger than approximately 2GB in size to
my AFS volumes, even from the fileserver itself.  The release notes
suggest that it should work if the host file system supports file sizes
of >2GB.  I can go the partition that the AFS volume resides on and
write a 4GB file just fine.  The AFS volumes have plenty of space
available.  Is there maybe some compile-time options to enable large
file support that the RHEL4 RPMs may not have been compiled with?



Build it from source and use --enable-largefile-fileserver=20

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