[OpenAFS] AFS loopback adapter and DNS registration

Christopher D. Clausen cclausen@acm.org
Mon, 18 Sep 2006 10:14:32 -0500

I ran into an issue today trying to connect to a machine:
C:\>nslookup acm-tslicense.ad.uiuc.edu
Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    acm-tslicense.ad.uiuc.edu

Is there a way to prevent the loopback adapter IP from being registered 
with the computer's account in Active Directory *by default*?  Its 
really annoying b/c trying to contact it though the loopback IP usually 
results in a connection to the local machine, assuming that machine also 
has AFS installed.

I usually go in and manually uncheck the "register this connection's 
addresses in DNS" box for the loopback adapter, but if there is a way to 
automate this, I'd certainly appreciate it if someone would let me know 

Christopher D. Clausen