[OpenAFS] Problems setting up an initial AFS cell...

ted creedon tcreedon@easystreet.com
Fri, 6 Apr 2007 07:08:14 -0700

1. is the client running?
2. does it have a server to talk to?
3. run strace -e read=0,1,2,3 -e write=0,1,2,3 -v o tracefile.c aklog
The reason for the .c is to colorize the output file in the viewing editor.
Search around tracefile.c for what's wrong.
4. you might have to run tcpdump or ethereal if strace doesn'tsolve the


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> aklog: unable to obtain tokens for cell ut.vandyke.com (status:
> 11862788).
> What does status 11862788 mean?

[duffus]sxw: translate_et 11862788
11862788 (ktc).4 = a pioctl failed

> And where can I look status codes up?

translate_et should be installed - it certainly is with the standard RPMs.

> Full session log included below for the curious.

Some quick questions ...

*) Is the AFS kernel module loaded and running - do you have anonymous 
access to AFS?

*) Have you created an entry in the pts database for galb.afs ?


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