[OpenAFS] asetkey: failed to set key, code 70354694

Jeff Blaine jblaine@mitre.org
Mon, 09 Apr 2007 14:07:21 -0400

NOW what am I doing wrong?

# ./asetkey list
kvno    0: key is: stuffhereDFGDEDD
kvno    1: key is: stuffhere2323e32
kvno    4: key is: stuffhere1231212
kvno    5: key is: stuffhereUIUIUII
kvno    6: key is: stuffhereIOUIYUI
kvno    7: key is: stuffhereSTYARTR
kvno    8: key is: stuffherePOPCHCH
kvno    9: key is: stuffhereQETRWTT
All done.
# kadmin -p blahblah@ourcellandrealm
kadmin:  addprinc -randkey -e des-cbc-crc:normal afs
WARNING: no policy specified for afs@ourcellandrealm; defaulting to no 
Principal "afs@ourcellandrealm" created.
kadmin:  modprinc -kvno 9 afs
Principal "afs@ourcellandrealm" modified.
kadmin:  ktadd -k /tmp/afs.tab -e des-cbc-crc:normal afs
Entry for principal afs with kvno 10, encryption type DES cbc mode with 
CRC-32 added to keytab WRFILE:/tmp/afs.tab.
kadmin:  quit
# ./asetkey add 10 /tmp/afs.tab afs@rcf.mitre.org
./asetkey: failed to set key, code 70354694.