[OpenAFS] Production ready?

Russ Allbery rra@stanford.edu
Fri, 13 Jul 2007 14:42:29 -0700

"Lundgren, Andrew" <Andrew.Lundgren@Level3.com> writes:

> Now for the fun questions.  Is the windows client suitable for a
> production environment?

Yes, absolutely.  The Windows client is, in fact, arguably the best of all
of the clients at the moment in terms of stability, although it has some
oddities of implementation that we hope to eventually fix.

> Which version should I consider using, the latest version that the
> download link leads (1.4.x) to or the version that the windows download
> leads to (1.5.x)?

The current recommended Windows client is the 1.5 release series.  Use 1.4
for the server and for other platforms.

> I have been looking for a good printed book to read though to learn
> more, but really can't find much.  Is there a good reference/intro book
> out there?

There isn't much that's better than the old Transarc documentation
available from the OpenAFS web site.  The documentation at the moment is
definitely a weak point.

> I have been trying to compile openAFS on SUSE 10.2 with gcc version
> 4.1.0 and am running into compile problems.  I ran into problems with
> ifdefs on line 115.

> looking at the source code, it looks like there is infact a missing if.
> I guessed which one to leave and commented out a block, but the errors
> continued with ifdef problems on line 460.  

Uh, without even knowing what file you're talking about, it's hard to
tell, but note that the 1.4.4 client release on Linux only supports Linux
kernels up through (IIRC) 2.6.20.  Later kernels will require the upcoming
1.4.5 release.

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