[OpenAFS] Production ready?

Lundgren, Andrew Andrew.Lundgren@Level3.com
Fri, 13 Jul 2007 15:51:42 -0600

> > Now for the fun questions.  Is the windows client suitable for a=20
> > production environment?
> Yes, absolutely.  The Windows client is, in fact, arguably=20
> the best of all of the clients at the moment in terms of=20
> stability, although it has some oddities of implementation=20
> that we hope to eventually fix.


> > Which version should I consider using, the latest version that the=20
> > download link leads (1.4.x) to or the version that the windows=20
> > download leads to (1.5.x)?
> The current recommended Windows client is the 1.5 release=20
> series.  Use 1.4 for the server and for other platforms.

Thank you.  I was wondering if I could mix them.

> > I have been trying to compile openAFS on SUSE 10.2 with gcc version=20
> > 4.1.0 and am running into compile problems.  I ran into=20
> problems with=20
> > ifdefs on line 115.
> > looking at the source code, it looks like there is infact a=20
> missing if.
> > I guessed which one to leave and commented out a block, but=20
> the errors=20
> > continued with ifdef problems on line 460.
> Uh, without even knowing what file you're talking about, it's=20
> hard to tell, but note that the 1.4.4 client release on Linux=20
> only supports Linux kernels up through (IIRC) 2.6.20.  Later=20
> kernels will require the upcoming
> 1.4.5 release.

Lost that information in a cut and paste.  Opps.  I was able to get the
code to compile on suse by removing some extra ifdefs from the lines 115
and 460 in the file:


I will step back now and look at the 1.4.x code for the linux servers
though, so it won't mater.

Another question, from what I have been able to gather, the "kernel"
code refers to AFS kernel code not a custom linux kernel right?