[OpenAFS] Backup methods

Andrew Bacchi bacchi@rpi.edu
Thu, 29 Mar 2007 08:51:01 -0400

I'm not familiar with Bacula, so I can't comment or compare it.

I use AFS 'backup' to write volume set files to a central server with 
SAN disk attached.  We hold them on disk for one semester, then move 
them to a tape library for two years.  That scheme provides quick 
restores of current data, and long term restores within 24 hour notice.

The server needs a standard AFS client, and some scripting, to do the 
backup.  One reason to consider using native AFS backup is to preserve 
the volume ACLs.  I would check to see if Bacula can preserve this, or 
whether it really matters to you.  We currently store 1.1 TB of bu data 
per semester.

Gert Burger wrote:
> Morning
> We are currently switching to openafs but are concerned about how to 
> backup our data.
> Our current setup uses bacula to backup all our data to a central 
> server which stores incrementals/differentials and full backups for up 
> to 2 months.
> We would like to continue using it when all our users(Over 4000) have 
> been moved to openafs.
> Any ideas?