[OpenAFS] Backup methods

Andrew Bacchi bacchi@rpi.edu
Thu, 29 Mar 2007 09:08:12 -0400

I failed to mention that AFS has a 'backupsys' command also.  This 
creates a clone of each volume in your cell.  We mount this backup 
volume under a user's home dir as the 'yesterday' directory.  The user 
can then retrieve files from the previous backup period, without 
assistance from IT.

The AFS Admin Guide and AFS Reference docs explain both commands in detail.

Good luck.

Andrew Bacchi wrote:
> I'm not familiar with Bacula, so I can't comment or compare it.
> I use AFS 'backup' to write volume set files to a central server with 
> SAN disk attached.  We hold them on disk for one semester, then move 
> them to a tape library for two years.  That scheme provides quick 
> restores of current data, and long term restores within 24 hour notice.
> The server needs a standard AFS client, and some scripting, to do the 
> backup.  One reason to consider using native AFS backup is to preserve 
> the volume ACLs.  I would check to see if Bacula can preserve this, or 
> whether it really matters to you.  We currently store 1.1 TB of bu data 
> per semester.
> Gert Burger wrote:
>> Morning
>> We are currently switching to openafs but are concerned about how to 
>> backup our data.
>> Our current setup uses bacula to backup all our data to a central 
>> server which stores incrementals/differentials and full backups for up 
>> to 2 months.
>> We would like to continue using it when all our users(Over 4000) have 
>> been moved to openafs.
>> Any ideas?
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