[OpenAFS] newbie questions

Papp Tamás tompos@martos.bme.hu
Wed, 12 Nov 2008 12:42:29 +0100

Jason Edgecombe wrote:
> Try this:
> 1. install new drive
> 2. partition & mkfs on new drive
> 3. mount new partition as /vicepb
> 4. bos restart -server my.server.name -all
> 5. vos partinfo -server my.server.name   # should show vicepb now
> 6. vos create -server  my.server.name -part b -name my.volume --maxquota
> 1000 -verbose
> step 6 is optional. vos create or vos move should honor the new drive now.

This is almost exactly what I'm looking for. What I want to no is to 
extend an existing volume.

The size of the volume called for example 'files.projects' is now 10 GB. 
And I want to expand it to 20 GB with an other partition (right now in 
this test setup it's an other partition, but it would be an other 
server's partition).

I should be something like:

vos add -server my.server.name -part b -name my.volume

But this option doesn't exist.

Thank you,