[OpenAFS] FreeBSD port crashes

Karsten Thygesen karthy@netic.dk
Thu, 27 Nov 2008 12:25:45 +0100


It was with extreme great pleasure, that I read that you know support  
FreeBSD-7 in OpenAFS - I have awaited the port for years...

So - now I'm eager to deploy openafs in our mixed environment, where  
FreeBSD is quite a big part.

I have setup Heimdal kerberos and I have installed the binary openafs  
1.4.8 port to FreeBSD-7.

The sever part from this package seems to work nicely, but when I try  
to launch afsd, it startes to scan the cachedir and finds 0 non-empty  
files and then I get an error saying "/afs: Lost mount" and the system  

Do anyone have any experince with this combo? Should I go for the  
source release instead and compile by hand?