[OpenAFS] Success building IRIX namei server (was: sgi_65: anyone still using inode fileserver?)

Chaz Chandler clc31@inbox.com
Mon, 12 Oct 2009 11:19:56 -0800

Everyone I've heard from so far has strongly discourages the use of an =
inode fileserver on IRIX 6.5.  I think it would be worth considering =
changing the default sgi_65 package release to namei.  My impression so =
far is that the only people using openafs fileservers on IRIX 6.5 build =
from source because the current sgi_65 package is not usable as a server.  =
The story is different, I understand, for earlier IRIX releases...but =
since there are no official openafs binary packages for those, it is not =
relevant to this discussion.

That said, I'm glad to report success compiling 1.4.11 from source with a =
few modifications.  I compiled it with MIPSPro 7.4.4m on IRIX 6.5.22m and =
6.5.29f using the following commands=5B1=5D:

(in the openafs-1.4.11 source dir)
RANLIB=3D: CFLAGS=3D=22-g3 -D_BSD_COMPAT=22 CC=3Dc99 =5C
=09./configure --disable-pam --enable-namei-fileserver =5C
=09=09--enable-transarc-paths --with-afs-sysname=3Dsgi_65
gmake && gmake dest

Supporting packages used (from Nekoware=5B2=5D IRIX software)
neko_krb5, neko_automake, neko_autoconf, neko_make, neko_m4, neko_perl

I hope this is useful to others=21


=5B1=5D http://reality.sgiweb.org/drk/freeware/ariel/howto.html
=5B2=5D http://www.nekochan.net/what-is-nekowar.html