[OpenAFS] New OpenAFS website proposal.

Christof Hanke christof.hanke@rzg.mpg.de
Fri, 26 Nov 2010 10:54:07 +0100

Hi Harald,

I really like plone ;-)

Am 25.11.2010 13:58, schrieb Harald Barth:
> * It is a kindasorta web server, but a dumb one, so it needs an apache
>    anyway to front it.
yes, so what ? It is a rendering engine, cacheing and deleivering is=20
done much better by other products (apache, squid).
> * It has some content management backend (zope?) which so far noone has
>    managed to reallt learn, so every upgrade is a 'do we dare' nightmar=
well, you can't really blame that on zope, can  you ?
> * The only way I know to get content into it is the horrible builtin ed=
There are many other ways.
One Jakub has described (External editor), the other popular one is the=20
FCKEditor http://plone.org/products/fckeditor
Depending on your version of plone you can even use WebDav.

> * There is a markup language, but as noone knows if you can do that par=
>    thing in the markup language and it is difficult to find out, people
>    write HTML anyway.
Jakub answered this one.
> * I don't know how to get content out again.
This is a problem to all CMSs. What about "wget -r" ?
> * It has builtin user management and what you see depends on if you
>    are logged in or not (the articles have states, like "published"
>    which are not visible for everyone), for me this results in an
>    login-logout-login work cycle.
Well, you might want to use a second browser (there is a nice nordic=20
one), with which you are not authenticated to test the result.
Otherwise, you I can send you instructions how to switch between the=20
different view-modes.

> * We still have bugs like "can not see version history" which we have
>    not figured out (well, we are not a web shop, but OpenAFS is neither=
>> which is a Python
>> powered content management system. The downside to this solution is
>> that it requires a long-running process and a bit more resources than
>> classic "bunch of php" would use and needs a slightly more exotic
>> configuration in the frontend web server.
> The CPU cycles are not a problem today.
>> On the upside, it is
>> self-contained and requires little more than modern gcc and svn to
>> clone the whole site.
> As the OpenAFS web site does have very little interactive content and
> all the people who contribute know how to edit a file in AFS, I'd
> recommend a setup which builds on these skills, maybe with some "make
> &&  make install" which does checks and builds the menu and does a vos
> rele.

> # All this does not mean that we do not need a refurbished web site.
> # Appearence is of course made with css, CMS or not.
> Harald.
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