[OpenAFS] OpenAFS client 1.7.201 and later triggers printing of smiley faces on all printers shared via Samba

Harald Barth haba@kth.se
Thu, 12 Apr 2012 18:06:27 +0200 (CEST)

> Of course, knowing the cause does not solve your problem which is that
> you want the paper to stop being wasted.   The question is "who is going
> to research a solution and implement it?"   I suspect you want that to
> be me.  :-)   That is fine but I'm at the point where I want to be paid
> for my efforts.

Unfortunalely, even if the fault are buggy print servers (and with all
the printing appliances, there WILL be buggy print servers), the blame
of the paper wastage will be on OpenAFS as the printer server alone
"works". My experience with printer vendors to fix problems is not
that encouraging either. If I just look at KTH, this would be enough
for the main Windows admin of KTH to ban the deployment of that
version of OpenAFS. Would he be unhappy about it? Probably not. Would
some users be unhappy? Probably. Would it be one less in the OpenAFS
on Windows counter? Definitely.

So yes, I think that someone has to be from OpenAFS but not
necessarily Jeff. I think it is high prio because paper waste annoys
the hell out of people.

> * Request that an "existing" file be opened on the device
>	\\server\device-name\_._AFS_IOCTL_._

I don't  know much about windoes, but  if \\server\device-name\ offers
printing  services,  that should  be  able  to  be determined  without
printing anything?  And then  the AFS Context  handler could  leave it
alone? Ok, that would be one more probe, but probably worth it.


PS: At home I have a really old (but good) inherited HP laser writer
and I think I have seen smileys printed from time to time. Probably
something on the Internet that probes something. I have no OpenAFS
1.7.x running at home at all. But I can live with 1 wasted
paper/month, so far it has no been over my "I care" level.