[OpenAFS] OpenAFS client 1.7.201 and later triggers printing of smiley faces on all printers shared via Samba

Michael Richter m.richter@tu-berlin.de
Thu, 12 Apr 2012 16:48:23 +0200

That sounds legit to me but I think I can not help you :)

OK, if the context menu is the problem, I could kick it out. I'll check=20
what I can do with the MSI installer. Or I create a startup script which =

removes the reg keys.

Mit freundlichen Gr=C3=BC=C3=9Fen
Michael Richter

schrieb Jeffrey Altman:
> Michael:
> The problem is triggered by the AFS Context Menu handler.
> When testing whether or not a path is an AFS path, the AFS Context Menu=

> handler issues an AFS pioctl operation on the path.  The pioctl process=
>   * Request that an "existing" file be opened on the device
> 	\\server\device-name\_._AFS_IOCTL_._
>   * Write the request to that file
>   * Read the response from that file
>   * Close the file
> The pages are being printed because the printer device is permitting th=
> _._AFS_IOCTL_._ to be opened and treating the data that is written to i=
> as a print job.
> The SMB server in the printers should not be opening a file that does
> not exist when the caller is explicitly asking that only an existing
> file be opened.  The SMB server in the printer could be a version of
> Samba or some other home grown implementation.  Regardless, it is buggy=
> Of course, knowing the cause does not solve your problem which is that
> you want the paper to stop being wasted.   The question is "who is goin=
> to research a solution and implement it?"   I suspect you want that to
> be me.  :-)   That is fine but I'm at the point where I want to be paid=

> for my efforts.
> Jeffrey Altman
> On 4/12/2012 8:02 AM, Michael Richter wrote:
>> Hi, just wanted to say, this problem is still present.
>> I updated all of our computers to 1.7.08 and now we have large paper
>> wastage :)
>> This is not a samba problem. We use mainly OpenAFS 1.7.08 32bit on
>> Windows XP Prof SP3 (german). Our printers (different Kyocera, HP and
>> Konica Minolta models) are all connected via two Windows Server 2003
>> print servers.
>> Sometimes the printers do not print the smilies. Then there are two
>> print jobs in chain (screenshot attached). These jobs also occur on
>> printers which are not connected to the owners computer... very strang=
>> Mit freundlichen Gr=C3=BC=C3=9Fen
>> Michael Richter

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