[OpenAFS] Re: the future

Devine, Steven (sd) sd@msu.edu
Mon, 1 Oct 2012 01:03:32 +0000

Please know that this post is offered in the hopes of helping, or at least =
giving a viewpoint of one that operates on the edge of the OpenAFS.=0A=
I am generally unaware of the current dilemma that seems to be facing OpenA=
FS.  I read this list in digest mode and recent changes in my responsibilit=
ies have made that pretty sporadic. This doesn't mean that AFS is not impor=
tant to MSU or to me.   =0A=
So here is my question:=0A=
Can some one give the list a couple of paragraphs about what the heck is go=
ing on? I suspect there are a lot of us that would like to help but I truly=
 can't tell if there is a serious issue at hand or if this is just the resu=
lt of the elders and gatekeepers facing burnout. Respectfully please, we ne=
ed direction if help is truly required from the members of this list.=0A=
Steve Devine=0A=
Collaborative Systems & Support=0A=
Information Technology Services=0A=
Michigan State University=0A=