[OpenAFS] Possible bug in Windows AFS client handling older shortcuts

Jeffrey Altman jaltman@your-file-system.com
Fri, 31 Aug 2012 20:50:25 -0400

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Section 2.3.2 CommonNetworkRelativeLink

On 8/31/2012 2:52 PM, Dave Botsch wrote:
> I'm wondering if one can somehow "edit" some magic hex value in the .ln=
> to update the provider. That way, I could, say, iterate through our afs=

> cell with a script doing the replace on any .LNK files.
> On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 11:39:00AM -0400, Richard Brittain wrote:
>> Excellent!!
>> For months we've had this same problem, but only on a few machines,
>> and now I expect it was ones with old shortcuts created under 1.5,
>> (and some machines might also have still had the SMB redirector
>> still installed, to further confuse things).
>> Deleting and recreating the shortcuts 'fixed' my test box on which I
>> could reliably generate this error.
>> We were initially getting what appeared to be the same error because
>> of file server > 2TB and the 32-bit device report limits, but the
>> errors never fully went away after we patched our servers.
>>  Richard
>>>>> On Aug 23, 2012, at 5:24 PM, Jeffrey Altman wrote:
>>>>>> Shortcuts are tied to the "network provider name" just as drive le=
>>>>>> mappings are.
>>>>>> A shortcut created with the 1.6 or earlier OpenAFS client is using=
>>>>>> Microsoft SMB redirector and the "Microsoft Network" provider.
>>>>>> A shortcut created with the 1.7 or later OpenAFS client is using t=
>>>>>> OpenAFS redirector and the "OpenAFS Network" provider.
>>>>>> UNC paths are tied to the network provider.  When the "Microsoft
>>>>>> Network" is asked for the path, \\afs\cell\foo it will report that=
>>>>>> doesn't exist even though the file system interface says it does. =
>>>>>> is not a bug but a limitation of the conversion from relying upon
>>>>>> Microsoft's SMB redirector to a dedicated AFS redirector.
>>>>>> Jeffrey Altman
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