[OpenAFS] Red Hat RPM packaging

Rich Sudlow rich@nd.edu
Thu, 04 Sep 2014 10:30:53 -0400

Typically we're still anal enough to build from source RPMS and push to our
groups satellite (RHEL) channels for distribution.

But the CentOS project - especially using a dedicated repo would be
the best option I've heard of so far - and one we might use.


On 09/04/2014 09:43 AM, Jeff White wrote:
> Being in CentOS' Extras repo sounds great, but what about all the other RHELs
> out there, including RHEL itself?
> I'm not very experienced in making packages but what would be nice is if there
> was an OpenAFS repo all by itself.  This way CentOS/RHEL/Scientific
> Linux/Whatever could just add that repo and install away.  Additionally this
> makes it easy for Satellite/Spacewalk users to add the repo to their servers to
> push out to their systems (much in the way can be done with Dell's repo for
> example).
> Would the CentOS Project be willing to host a dedicated OpenAFS repo rather than
> using CentOS' Extras repo?
> Out of curiosity, how much data would such a repo have to hold?
> Jeff White - GNU+Linux Systems Administrator
> University of Pittsburgh - CSSD
> On 09/04/2014 06:31 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I work on the CentOS Project effort.
>> We would be very happy to offer code hosting, build services and deliver
>> of rpm content via the primary CentOS repos. We dont have any
>> no-kernel-module policy and we also try and build the process in a way
>> that allows upstream communities to deliver the user experience they
>> want. In this case, openafs, as a project, could chose what the update,
>> release, patch and feedback policy is going to be.
>> Depending on how people feel, I'd image hosting in CentOS-Extras/ would
>> be good, it would allow openafs to be a single yum command away (
>> Extras/ is enabled by default ).
>> If this is interesting, then I will setup conversations and scope /
>> PoC's with the Storage SIG folks in the CentOS Project. Happy to field
>> questions in the mean time.
>> Regards,
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