[OpenAFS] Red Hat RPM packaging

Karanbir Singh mail-lists@karan.org
Thu, 04 Sep 2014 23:36:16 +0100

On 09/04/2014 02:43 PM, Jeff White wrote:
> Being in CentOS' Extras repo sounds great, but what about all the other
> RHELs out there, including RHEL itself?
> I'm not very experienced in making packages but what would be nice is if
> there was an OpenAFS repo all by itself.  This way
> CentOS/RHEL/Scientific Linux/Whatever could just add that repo and
> install away.  Additionally this makes it easy for Satellite/Spacewalk
> users to add the repo to their servers to push out to their systems
> (much in the way can be done with Dell's repo for example).
> Would the CentOS Project be willing to host a dedicated OpenAFS repo
> rather than using CentOS' Extras repo?

Absolutely. One way this might work is that we can run the OpenAFS
effort part of the Storage SIG ( which is glusterfs and ceph at the
moment ). They are going to try and consolidate into a single
storage-related repo, but if there is a need to, they will split the
contents into repos per project.

We can then build centos-release-<project-name> rpms that we drop into
CentOS-Extras/, this is then available via yum to everyone running the
distro ver/arch that the project intends to support; and the -release
delivers the yum repo configs, keys etc needed.

> Out of curiosity, how much data would such a repo have to hold?

As long as we dont need to replace anythig shipped in the distro, it
shouldnt be too much. I dont know how the kmod's work and if they are
built to handle kabi-whitelists etc,

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