[OpenAFS] ubik_Call returns 363546 suddenly

Benjeman Meekhof bmeekhof@umich.edu
Sat, 5 Mar 2016 16:00:52 -0500

Some background:  for several years now we've been using a combination
of Amanda backup and 'amanda-afs' which is a piece of code once from
Cornell somewhat modified over time to compile against newer versions
of afs.  Briefly, amanda-afs is a collection of utils to tie afs
volume dumps into amanda.

For reasons yet unknown the 'volset dump' utility used in the process
stopped working recently.  We're using openafs 1.6.14-219 as packaged
by Scientific Linux (a RHEL derivative).

I tracked this down to the following snippet of code.  In this code
ubik_Call returns a code of '363546', nentries is 0, and since we get
no volumes returned that's the end of any further action.  volname is
a wildcard string like "home..*".  I've tried pointing the command at
volume sets on any of our 3 file servers.

Can anyone on the list offer any further hints to tracking this down?
It appears that the beginning of this problem correlates to our
vlserver machines receiving a package update that moved from afs
1.6.10 to 1.6.14.  We're not experiencing any other issues with AFS,
and until this point have not had any issue with this utility.

//* Now make the call to the vlserver */
   for (si=0; si != -1; si=nsi) {
      nentries = 0;
      bulkentries.nbulkentries_len = 0;
      bulkentries.nbulkentries_val = 0;
      nsi = -1;
      tcode = ubik_Call(VL_ListAttributesN2, uclient, 0,
                        &attributes, volname, si,
                        &nentries, &bulkentries, &nsi);
      if (tcode) fprintf(stderr, "Error: Could not expand module lists
for '%s'!  Return code was '%d'\n",volname,tcode);

      if (nentries == 0)
         fprintf(stderr, "Error: nentries = 0!\n");

(full code of util is at https://www.aglt2.org/amanda/amanda-afs-0.0.4.tar.gz)


]#  ./volset dump our.afs.fs.server vicepe home..* 0 test

Error: Could not expand module lists for 'home..*'!  Return code was '363546'
Error: nentries = 0!
Total bytes written: 0 (0.00MB, ?MB/s)