[OpenAFS-announce] Change of version control system

Simon Wilkinson openafs-info@openafs.org
Thu, 9 Jul 2009 20:21:18 +0100

After a long time talking about it, and a lot of development work, I'm  
happy to announce that we have now completed the migration of our  
version control system from CVS to git.

If you are a user, then this won't affect you beyond the fact that our  
development process will be more streamlined, and so hopefully we can  
get things to you quicker, and in better shape.

If you are a developer, then there are major changes both in tools,  
and in workflow, involved. Whilst our CVS repository won't be going  
away in the immediate future (so you can still 'cvs diff' your old  
sandboxes), no new commits will be made in CVS. All new development  
should be based on the source tree in git, which can be fetched and  
managed through the git toolset.

We are also instituting a new code review process. Before hitting the  
source tree, all changes will go through Gerrit. Gerrit is a code  
review application from Google which is extensively used by their  
Android project. It provides a web based mechanism for managing patch  
submission, and permits anyone to view and comment upon those patches  
before they enter the source tree. Our review process is informal -  
there are no hard and fast rules on what reviews a patch needs before  
it can be committed, but from now on gerrit, rather than RT, will be  
the place where these reviews occur.

An introductory document on git, gerrit, and our proposed new workflow  
is available from:

Our git repository is http://git.openafs.org

Gerrit is available from http://gerrit.openafs.org

Despite the name, the 'openafs-cvs@openafs.org' mailing list will  
continue to receive notification of all changes to the repository.

If you have questions, and I'm sure there will be many, please ask  
them on the openafs-devel@openafs.org mailing list, on #openafs on  
Freenode, or in the Jabber chatroom openafs@conference.openafs.org