[OpenAFS-announce] OpenAFS 1.7.31 released for Microsoft Windows

Jeffrey Altman openafs-info@openafs.org
Tue, 13 May 2014 17:17:49 -0400

OpenAFS 1.7.31 is the next a series of OpenAFS clients for the Microsoft
Windows platform that is implemented as a native file system.

Significant changes since 1.7.30:

 * Fixes a variety of rare errors that can lead to data corruption.
   . one specific to synchronous file writes on Server 2012 R2.

 * File copies from readonly volumes could fail with a Media Protected
   error due to failure of the afs redirector to permit setting file
   position on a readonly file handle.

 * Prevent applications from unintentionally clearing the Reparse Point
   or Directory attribute when setting other attributes on files and

 * If a file has the DOS readonly attribute set, deny all writes,
   truncations, and overwrites in the redirector and not the
   afsd_service. Waiting for the afsd_service to see the store
   operation is too late. The Windows cache manager has already
   accepted the data.

 * Fix a potential BSOD when afs redirector trace is enabled.

 * Improved support for applications that set the Last Modified
   Timestamp to -1 to indicate that the timestamp should not be

1.7.31 is the recommended release of OpenAFS for Microsoft Windows
users. It supports Microsoft Windows client operating systems from
Windows XP SP3 through Windows 8.1 and Windows Server operating
systems from 2003 SP2 through 2012 R2.

This release is compatible with Windows 8.1 Update 1.

The 1.7.31 Windows client is
fully compatible with all AFS server versions.

For UNIX, Linux, and MacOS X the recommended production-ready release of
OpenAFS is 1.6.7.  1.6.8 is currently in pre-release.

Source code and binaries can be downloaded from


Please visit http://www.openafs.org/windows.html for up to date
information on the status of the OpenAFS for Windows client.

Please send reports of successful deployments to


and report problems to


Jeffrey Altman
for the OpenAFS Gatekeepers