OpenAFS CVS Commit: openafs/src/viced by shadow

Sun, 30 Jan 2005 23:10:43 EST

Update of /cvs/openafs/src/viced
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      Tag: openafs-stable-1_4_x
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DELTA STABLE14-lih-host-hold-20050113
FIXES 17211

"lih_r now leaves the current lih_host held, and h_Releases those for which
it changed mind during h_Enumerate. It also closes the window that
ClearHostCallbacks_r opens.

The problem was: due to the leak on the h_Hold table, rx connections and
host and client structures stopped being garbage collected once the
fileserver went through GetSomeSpace_r. Only relevant for "busy" servers,
many would never even invoke this routine."

--- DELTA config for openafs-stable-1_4_x follows ---
STABLE14-lih-host-hold-20050113 openafs/src/viced/callback.c