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Sun, 30 Jan 2005 23:09:57 EST

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DELTA STABLE14-linux26-avoid-memory-zone-fun-20050113
FIXES 16965

"  the wake_up_bit() mechanism has replaced
'per object' wait queues (atleast when testing for single bit changes).
the actual wait queue to use is determined using a hash on page->flags
(which encodes the zone table in the lower 8 bits).  afs inodes come from
a vmalloc() since afs gets all the inodes in one go.  vmalloc()'d memory
apparently doesnt get mapped to any particular zone.  so when an afs
inode uses wake_up_bit() they index off the end of the zone_page table.

--- DELTA config for openafs-stable-1_4_x follows ---
STABLE14-linux26-avoid-memory-zone-fun-20050113 openafs/src/afs/afs_vcache.c