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- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
openafs 1.6.1pre1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (Darwin)


Adam Megacz (1):
      make bozo honor -rxbind correctly

Anders Kaseorg (1):
      Linux: 3.2: Use set_nlink to update i_nlink

Andrew Deason (89):
      Build libafscp when we lack kerberos
      ihandle: Fix IH_REALLYCLOSE for positional I/O
      afs: Remove afs1_readdir
      DAFS: Add explicit 'valid' field for index maps
      DAFS: Skip hosts with invalid flags on restore
      DAFS: Do not serialize state for invalid hosts
      vol: Only check "logging" on vice partitions
      RedHat: Add xstat_*_test commands to RPMs
      viced: Do not swallow errors on StoreData recovery
      LINUX: Revert group changes on keyring failure
      LINUX: Fix afs_linux_pag_to_groups signature
      vos offline: Bring volume back online for -busy
      viced: Check for HOSTDELETED in stillborn check
      volser: Remove ExtractVolId
      libafs: Indent afs_call.c ifdef maze
      libafs: Consolidate afs_DaemonOp code
      SOLARIS: Perform daemon syscalls as kernel threads
      DAFS: Do not ignore out-of-range -vhashsize
      DAFS: raise vhashsize limit
      ubik: Record the last write tid in writeTidCounter
      ubik: Replay the transaction log label correctly
      ubik: Log a message when we replay the trans log
      libafs: Set tvcp->callback before BulkStatus
      ConvertROtoRW: Use old copyDate for creationDate
      Give a default reason in *sync-debug
      vol-salvage: Fix AskOnline error message
      vol: Handle large volume IDs in VLockFile
      Fix ihandle.c indents
      salvager: Do not AskOnline nonexistent volumes
      DAFS: Do not record vol ops for DELETED vols
      salvager: Give back volumes when exiting early
      DAFS: Correct FSYNC_VOL_QUERY_VOP checks
      afs: Avoid memory leak on recursive write flock
      afs: Retry unlock after afs_StoreAllSegments
      DAFS: DFlushVolume outside of vol glock
      viced: Check vnode length on read and write
      viced: Check vnode length on dir ops
      Suppress cmp component version error messages
      afs: Only use actual connections for GetTime calls
      volser: Remove debugging log messages
      namei: Remove extraneous rmdir
      volser: Preserve needsSalvaged during restore
      regen: Fail on failures
      salvager: Implement AskDAFS via SYNC flags
      DAFS: Deal with exclusive-state volume headers
      Solaris: Specify ARCHFLAGS in CFLAGS
      afs: Leave cellnum alone for explicit mtpt cell
      doc: Add aklog_dynamic_auth manpage
      ubik: Abstract buffer matching and pass trans ptrs
      ubik: Fix buffers for reading-during-writes
      ubik: add interface for reading during write locks
      udebug: Always show tidCounter
      vol: Add VGetVolumeTimed
      vol: Add interfaces for registering RX calls
      LINUX: Reduce stack depth on recursive symlink res
      LINUX: afs_linux_put_link is void
      namei: Log ListViceInodes write failures
      vol: Add timeouts to SYNC server select() calls
      vol: Move VOL_CV_TIMEDWAIT to volume_inline.h
      afsd: Trim trailing slashes on Linux mntent
      DAFS: Do not give back vol to viced after salvage
      volser: Avoid assert on ViceCreateRoot failure
      DAFS: Request salvage on detach for volser
      pam: Use POSIX getpwnam_r on Solaris
      pam: Check for null upwd from getpwnam_r
      pam: Use PAM_CONST more often
      pam: Password is const in setcred
      viced: Do not try to reuse deleted client
      viced: Check vnode length on Rename and Link
      viced: Don't VTakeOffline_r without glock
      libafs: Always use anonymous VL connections
      afsd: Fail gracefully on mtab open failure
      ihandle: Actually assert active fdPs are not AVAIL
      ihandle: OPEN fdPs are not counted in ihP refcount
      vlserver: Avoid atoi for vol ids
      SOLARIS: Define BSD_COMP for non-UKERNEL on 5.11
      DAFS: Do not transition to ERROR on trivial errors
      DAFS: Ensure GetVolume errors on ERROR volumes
      DAFS: Log more for VPreAttachVolumeByVp odd states
      DAFS: Avoid unnecessary preattach on FSYNC_VOL_ON
      DAFS: Ensure logging on attach2 errors
      salvager: Create link table with volume group id
      ntohs ubik header size
      pam: Fix password torching const-ness
      libafs: Avoid using changing unixuser ticket data
      libafs: Remove unused volume "states" flags
      libafs: Rate-limit hard-mount waiting messages
      afs: Clear VHardMount on ResetVolumeInfo

Ben Kaduk (4):
      FBSD: deal with kernel API rename
      FBSD: typo fix
      FBSD: cleanup dvp locking for ISDOTDOT
      FBSD: switch afsi_SetServerIPRank implementation

Chaskiel Grundman (1):
      libafscp: a library for "clientless" operations

Chaz Chandler (3):
      libafscp: code cleanup
      afsio: rewrite using libafscp
      afsio: remove unnecessary reference to malloc.h

Christof Hanke (1):
      libafscp: fix install/dest in sep. Objectdir

Derrick Brashear (48):
      macos: update 32 bit kernel build flags
      afscp: build for windows
      libafscp fixes
      libafscp: fix kerberos bits
      afscp: tellmeaboutyourself stub wants host byte order
      libafscp: add lock support
      afscp: add decl for roken function
      rx: avoid nat ping during shutdown
      darwin: minimal afsbackgrounder ticket fix
      darwin armv6 and armv7 support
      rxkad ticket5 function rewriting
      afscp: add confdir override
      afscp: allow listing of bare root.cell dirs in dynroot mode
      afscp: enable debugging support in the volume portion
      volser: dont double-stat vnodes when dumping
      ukernel: make web enhancements the default
      ukernel: output dataversion in stat struct if possible
      bypasscache: don't define uio_t for ukernel
      bypasscache for ukernel
      ukernel: add uafs_access
      ukernel: install our sysincludes to root.perf
      ukernel: don't enforce thread lockers in remove vop
      ukernel: set close-on-exec on our socket
      afs: on uuid init fail, don't leave garbage behind
      ukernel: set pthread stacksize to an integer multiple of 8k
      afs: don't try GetDownD if nothing to get
      bypasscache: do errors correctly
      bypasscache: allow arbitrary sized iovecs
      ukernel: get an ip address even when dns and hosts suck
      viced: avoid bogus handle in rename
      ukernel: handle pioctl errors properly in ktc
      redhat: make rpms build on pre-f15 again
      dafs: avoid null deref getting volume header
      viced: disable accelerated copyonwrite
      remove CopyOnWrite2 and unused vars
      macos: no more startupitems
      DAFS: listvol + unsalvagable volumes = intolerable delay
      macos: dont want bind 8 compat on leopard
      kernel upcall rx env should shut down event daemon
      aklog: work around lion kerberos disaster
      xvcb lock order violation
      xserver lock order violation
      aklog: strlen(NULL) doesn't work
      rx: arrange for Finalize to really stop running calls
      libafs: only do pings for default conn with root uid
      libafs: disable mtu discovery
      vos: fix code to not triple-negate
      make openafs 1.6.1pre1

Edward Z. Yang (2):
      linux: Update Packaging to build OpenAFS services for Fedora's systemd
      Linux: 3: Update specfile to know about 3.* kernels.

Felix Frank (1):
      rxgen: add *TranslateOpcode functions to XDR code

Garrett Wollman (1):
      butc: initialize startTime before it is used

Hartmut Reuter (1):
      vol_split: avoid using stale open directory vnodes

Jacob Thebault-Spieker (2):
      remove check for disallowing clones of backup or ro volumes
      allow cloning of any volume to any volume with same parent ID

Jeffrey Altman (41):
      afscp: use closesocket when closing sockets
      Windows: minor cm_ioctl corrections
      Windows: mountpoints always have a trailing dot
      Windows: no SOCKLEN_T before WDK 6.0
      Windows: build loopback installer for current DDKs
      Fix input size computation in SetSPrefs pioctl
      Fix typo in windows release notes
      Windows: char* is not a Unicode string
      Do not call krb5_get_error_message with NULL context
      vol: avoid MAXINT redefinition warning in vnode.c
      Windows: netidmgr krb5_cc_get_principal can fail
      Windows: refactor volume location updates
      Windows: improve handling of volume rename
      Windows: missing ! in update volume location
      Windows: remove MULTIHOMED ifdef
      Windows: buf_SetDirty do nothing if length is zero
      Windows: correct log message in buf_Sync()
      windows: pass cm_req_t through background ops
      Windows: remove potential data loss warning with cast
      Windows: add logging to smb_IoctlRead
      Windows: remove dead code from cm_scache.c
      Windows: correct cm_buf use of Head/Tail queues
      Windows: cm_SymLink export created cm_scache_t
      Windows: use lock conversion in cm_EndDirOp
      Windows: remove CM_BUF_CMBKGFETCH flag
      Windows: correct comments in cm_BkgStore
      Windows: add clean rule to src/afs/NTMakefile
      Windows: permit offline volume check to be disabled
      Windows: ignore SYNCHRONIZE privilege in cm_CheckNTOpen
      Windows: record history of read lock threads
      Windows: validate buffer hash tables in cm_MergeStatus
      Windows: Do not EEXIST exact match during rename
      Windows: only flush buffers on shutdown if running
      Windows: out of date version not in current chunk
      Windows: cm_Rename break in 9cf7a628c2ff178b2fa236d2c0a41ca9be315036
      Windows: Add Vista/Win7 Firewall Configuration
      Windows: Track active RPCs per scache_t
      namei: tweak getlinkbyte error handling
      klog.krb5: enforce DES for rxkad
      afs: prevent nat pings on destroyed connections
      vol: remove warning on use of DFlushVolume

Jonathan A. Kollasch (5):
      Make whitespace consistent in NetBSD system type ID number section
      Allocate system type ID numbers for i386_nbsd60 and amd64_nbsd60
      Add nbsd60 param files and autoconf logic
      Fix build of user-space on nbsd50 and greater
      afsio: fix build outside of srcdir

Ken Dreyer (2):
      fix manpage for udebug -servers
      doc: limitations of addsite on different partitions

Marc Dionne (12):
      viced: remove duplicate declaration
      rx: add post RPC procedure capability
      fs: fix setserverprefs where long is larger than afs_int32
      Linux: 3.1: update RCU path walking detection in permission i_op
      Linux: d_delete now takes a const argument
      Linux: 3.1: adapt to fsync changes
      Linux: make sure backing_dev_info is zeroed
      fsprobe: call RXAFS_GetTime directly
      fsprobe: Fix usage message
      ubik: don't rely on timeout value after select()
      cache bypass: don't define iovecp for UKERNEL
      pam: Clear up PAM_CONST related warnings on Linux

Matt Benjamin (1):
      LINUX  vcache lock ordering in afs_linux_readdir

Michael Meffie (12):
      salvager: fix filesystem path truncation
      bozo: pass -rxbind on restart
      bozo: bosserver -pidfiles option
      bozo: fix overrun from -rxbind on restart
      bozo: report bosserver -rxbind address
      doc: fileserver synopsis typo
      bozo: bosserver man page updates
      DAFS: fssync online requires a partition name argument
      bozo: test program update
      volinfo: fix size totals when saving inodes
      vol: log error reason on header read failure
      solaris: libafs depends on fs/ufs

Rod Widdowson (1):
      FSSYNC-Client:  Consistent use of partition name

Russ Allbery (1):
      Generate stub header files for h/*.h files included in libuafs

Simon Wilkinson (15):
      afsio: Remove unused 'code' value
      ptserver: Don't check for noauth before rebuilding
      docs: Refer to dafs binaries by their real names
      ukernel: add morepackets check in listener
      ukernel: don't define rdwr env on linux
      linux: makesrpm should cope with releases with letters
      rx: ackall handling
      rpm: Turn on debugging
      Tidy up uio_t meaning
      rx: Don't clear the receive queue when out of packets
      Unix CM: Fix PutVolume in afs_BlackListOnce
      rx: Call rxgen_consts.h by its proper name
      Linux: Fix USE_UCONTEXT detection
      Irix: Supress some more warnings in kernel builds
      vos: Don't leak/overflow bulkaddrs

Stephan Wiesand (1):
      make afsdump_scan get ACLs right

Terry Long (1):
      Fix AFSPreference compile error on Mac OS 10.7

Todd Lewis (1):
      RPM: Fix dkms support on Fedora 15


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